$179 Bathroom Mirrors Compact Mirror Oval Decorative Mirror, Gallery Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories $179 Bathroom Mirrors Compact Mirror Oval Decorative Mirror, Gallery Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Mirror,$179,Mirrors,goldenstudio.co,Decorative,/en/faq,Compact,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Mirror,,Bathroom,Gallery,Oval Bathroom Popular standard Mirrors Compact Mirror Decorative Gallery Oval Bathroom Popular standard Mirrors Compact Mirror Decorative Gallery Oval Mirror,$179,Mirrors,goldenstudio.co,Decorative,/en/faq,Compact,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Mirror,,Bathroom,Gallery,Oval

Bathroom Popular All items free shipping standard Mirrors Compact Mirror Decorative Gallery Oval

Bathroom Mirrors Compact Mirror Oval Decorative Mirror, Gallery


Bathroom Mirrors Compact Mirror Oval Decorative Mirror, Gallery

Product description


High-definition mirror clear and bright, using high-definition high-transmitting mirror, clear imaging / restore true colors
★ Product material: metal
★ Color: Picture color
★ Size: 40*60CM , 50*70CM , 60*80CM
★ This product contains no other accessories
★ The round mirror is decent and beautiful, which can easily exude a low-key luxurious atmosphere for your space.
★ The frame is made of iron. It has been subjected to static high-temperature baking paint on the assembly line.
★ The simple but not simple design makes the home return to the real beauty. Our original intention is to create a stylish home.


※ Because the mirror is fragile, if the product is damaged during transportation, as long as you provide us with photos, we can help you solve the problem.
※ We have various styles of mirrors, welcome to browse and purchase, and look forward to your visit!


▶ ▷ Reminder: Because we use international logistics, it usually takes 15-25 days for successful delivery, more than 30 days, please contact us in time.
▶ ▷ Note: Depending on the measurement tool, an error of 1-2CM may occur. Due to shooting angle and light, slight color differences may occur. This is normal, please understand
Installation preparation Check whether the wall can bear the weight. Sound insulation boards, gypsum boards, composite boards, corroded walls, and walls that cannot be perforated cannot be installed.

Bathroom Mirrors Compact Mirror Oval Decorative Mirror, Gallery

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Roteck Equipment Limited
Uttar Pardesh, India4 Years

I consider myself blessed to be taken this decision of choosing tradeindia.com,
my business has grown manifolds.

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Mr. Pradeep Sharma
Delhi,India5 Years

I regularly get good number of relevant trade inquiries from tradeindia, I am happy to be associated with this truly the best B2B company of the India.

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Gagan Singh
Haryana,India7 Years

Updating my business on tradeindia has proven an excellent decision of mine, we have increased our products supply, business presence and clientele in the market.

Mr. Vikas Narang
GPC Medical Ltd.
Delhi,India18 Years

Tradeindia is a right choice for growing business, Right from the time, I registered my company on this B2B portal, I am witnessing continuous success for my business.

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