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XIAODU 10X42 Binocular Telescope, High Magnification, High Defin


XIAODU 10X42 Binocular Telescope, High Magnification, High Defin

Product description


10X42 telescope, special bag, special lanyard, desiccant, manual, color box
Waterproof design, the lens body is filled with high-purity nitrogen, waterproof and mildew, daily use will not be affected by rain or moisture.
The exit pupil diameter of 10x42 size is 5.25mm, and the exit pupil distance is about 21.5m, which is especially suitable for users with eyes. The internationally popular rotating eyepiece cover design is more convenient to use.
The telescope body is all metal (aluminum alloy).
Multi-layer coating, very beautiful, using phase difference coating technology, the coating is very uniform. The eyepiece cover is very convenient to use
Product introduction:
Model: 10X42
Magnification: 10 times
Objective lens diameter: 42mm
Prism: bak4
Size: 15.5CMx13CM
Weight: 760 grams
Field of view: 6 degrees, 105M / 1000M
Exit pupil distance: 21.5mm
Close focus distance: 5M
Internal and external materials: the main part of the lens body is metal, and the outside is environmentally friendly elastic rubber
Focusing type: central focusing, right eyepiece focusing
Coating: Multilayer broadband film
Waterproof performance: nitrogen-filled and waterproof

XIAODU 10X42 Binocular Telescope, High Magnification, High Defin

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