Ceramic,Less,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$96,Stove,Art,Coated,/currently4018369.html,Fumes,Jian,Non-Stick,Wok,,Gas,goldenstudio.co,pan Art Jian Ceramic Coated Wok Less pan Boston Mall Gas Fumes Stove Non-Stick $96 Art Jian Ceramic Coated Wok, Less Fumes Non-Stick pan Gas Stove Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Art Jian Ceramic Coated Wok Less pan Boston Mall Gas Fumes Stove Non-Stick Ceramic,Less,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$96,Stove,Art,Coated,/currently4018369.html,Fumes,Jian,Non-Stick,Wok,,Gas,goldenstudio.co,pan $96 Art Jian Ceramic Coated Wok, Less Fumes Non-Stick pan Gas Stove Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Art shopping Jian Ceramic Coated Wok Less pan Boston Mall Gas Fumes Stove Non-Stick

Art Jian Ceramic Coated Wok, Less Fumes Non-Stick pan Gas Stove


Art Jian Ceramic Coated Wok, Less Fumes Non-Stick pan Gas Stove

Product description

Material: Made of aluminum
Features: Non-smoking pot
For gift-giving occasions: business gifts
Bottom material: Composite Multilayer base
Lid type: can stand glass lid
Depth: 9.5CM
Applicable stove: Universal
Color: Pink
New wok. A heat treatment is required before use, otherwise it will rust.

Art Jian Ceramic Coated Wok, Less Fumes Non-Stick pan Gas Stove

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