$716 GOWE Photo Studio Speedlite Lighting Lamp Kit Set with 300W Stud Electronics Camera Photo Electronics , Camera Photo,Studio,Set,Stud,GOWE,with,$716,Photo,/angularly3739744.html,Lamp,300W,goldenstudio.co,Kit,Lighting,Speedlite Electronics , Camera Photo,Studio,Set,Stud,GOWE,with,$716,Photo,/angularly3739744.html,Lamp,300W,goldenstudio.co,Kit,Lighting,Speedlite GOWE Photo Studio Speedlite Raleigh Mall Lighting Lamp 300W Stud with Kit Set $716 GOWE Photo Studio Speedlite Lighting Lamp Kit Set with 300W Stud Electronics Camera Photo GOWE Photo Studio Speedlite Raleigh Mall Lighting Lamp 300W Stud with Kit Set

GOWE Photo Studio Great interest Speedlite Raleigh Mall Lighting Lamp 300W Stud with Kit Set

GOWE Photo Studio Speedlite Lighting Lamp Kit Set with 300W Stud


GOWE Photo Studio Speedlite Lighting Lamp Kit Set with 300W Stud

Product description

Features:Professional photography studio set, each item is designed for special function, helping you take perfect pictures.The 300W E300 studio flashes with aluminum housing are bright and durable, and the 75W modeling bulb can adjust brightness in 9 levels.Equipped with a RT-16 trigger to trigger the flash lights, easy installation and low power consumption.With softboxes and soft umbrella to help soften light, minimize light loss and maximize light spread, great for speedlite.

GOWE Photo Studio Speedlite Lighting Lamp Kit Set with 300W Stud

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